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A rodent infestation isn’t just a nuisance. Mice and rats can both cause astounding property damage, not to mention create a health hazard due to their indiscriminate bathroom habits. Every day you let the infestation continue is another day you let rodents chew on your insulation and wiring, steal your food, and jeopardize your family’s respiratory health.

Specializing in the Ethical Extermination of Unwanted Rodent Houseguests

We don’t just remove all offending intruders from your property through an effective combination of traps and extermination techniques. We also take steps to ensure that a rat or mouse infestation cannot reoccur, and explain what you can do to avoid the problem in the future. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, business owner or have any other interest in making your property rodent-free, we’re the local extermination experts to count on!

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