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Termite Exterminators Stops Termites in Their Tracks

There is an existing wives’ tale which claims that termites cannot survive the extreme cold of a South Dakota winter, but this is patently false! Termite activity is a pervasive problem in the area and often goes undetected. Termites work diligently to find even the smallest crack in a home’s exterior, and then work their way inside and eat away at the structure. At Affordable Pest Technicians, we want area home and business owners to understand that expert termite detection and extermination is an extremely important part of maintaining any structure. When you’re searching for professional Termite Exterminators in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area, make Affordable Pest Technicians your first call!

Termite Exterminators Catch Termite Activity Early

Termites often go undetected. By the time you can see the work of termites, actual harm to your structure can be quite extensive, because termites have likely been feeding within or below the area for some time. Termite infestations do come with early signs that every home or business owner should be aware of. If caught early, Termite Exterminators can limit the damage and rid the structure these pests before they destroy it. Symptoms of termite infestation include, but are not limited to:

  • Blistered wood flooring
  • Pin-sized holes in mudded areas on drywall
  • Wood with a honeycombed interior or hollow sound
  • Discarded wings, indicating swarming activity
  • Dead termites, which are typically black or brown in color
  • Termite waste mounds, which present as pellets that resemble coffee grounds or sawdust
  • “Mud tubes,” the width of a drinking straw, which allow termites access to food sources

Termite Exterminators Will Inspect Your Sioux Falls Structures

Termite Exterminators believe early detection of termite activity cannot be overstressed. If you suspect you have a termite problem, or would simply like a proper termite inspection done on your property, Termite Exterminators in Sioux Falls, SD would be happy to help you. Contact Affordable Pest Technicians today!

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